Week Eleven

First off this week has been like one of Dante’s seven circles.

Doing my classwork – trying to realize why all the due dates were mixed up and having to pack up and move to Alaska was not the best mixture.

Monday was fine. I was able to begin the work of social media. It wasn’t all that hard for me because I already advertise my business everywhere I post on the internet. This was just a basic “how would you set it up”, “how would you get your friends to reblog” deal. Because of all the various forms of media online (blogging, social, chat, etc.) it’s easier to get the word out about your business. It’s almost ridiculous easy to do! Seriously, if you have access to the internet, have a Facebook page then you already have a site you can advertise on. Other places that I’m considering are: twitter (although I find it annoying, it’s the most popular place to go and it’s the biggest trending social media site right now), tumblr (I already have one, though I might just make one for my business site. That way I can still have my own separate from work), and LinkedIn (which I find is an excellent way to meet others who have the same trade while meeting new people who I could buy raw material from).

I’ve also thought I using Instagram – though I’m not sure how it works. If anyone knows how that’d be great to learn.

So, in spite of mixed dates and having to travel all day on Thursday (literally) I’ve managed to keep up with the workload and begin a new job in a new state while meeting new people. (Thankfully I have a friend with me!) 🙂



Thank you to those who read this blog. It’s a stumbling little ramble of my journey into the Website business/design world.


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