Week Twelve

The final week!

This one was about learning where my site ranked and what I could do to improve it. There are many improvements that I can and will make in upcoming weeks. My ranking was low, but there were many improvement I can do to increase the ranking.

The site still isn’t recieving as many hits as I thought. I’ve been posting the link on all the forums and sites that I’m part of, but haven’t gotten as much feedback. While the site is still “in construction” there are other things to check out.

Also we focused on fixing our ads and keywords. I thought that the words I’d chosen were great for my site – but they haven’t gotten as many hits. It’s something to focus and think on during the next few months after this class is over and I can work on this site for fun.


A short entry for this week – it’s been hectic and crazy. Thank you to those of you who are following this blog. It was just for a class assignment, but the feedback from you has really helped! I’ll keep up with this blog as I continue on with my new business site: http://www.whichwisket.us

Week Eleven

First off this week has been like one of Dante’s seven circles.

Doing my classwork – trying to realize why all the due dates were mixed up and having to pack up and move to Alaska was not the best mixture.

Monday was fine. I was able to begin the work of social media. It wasn’t all that hard for me because I already advertise my business everywhere I post on the internet. This was just a basic “how would you set it up”, “how would you get your friends to reblog” deal. Because of all the various forms of media online (blogging, social, chat, etc.) it’s easier to get the word out about your business. It’s almost ridiculous easy to do! Seriously, if you have access to the internet, have a Facebook page then you already have a site you can advertise on. Other places that I’m considering are: twitter (although I find it annoying, it’s the most popular place to go and it’s the biggest trending social media site right now), tumblr (I already have one, though I might just make one for my business site. That way I can still have my own separate from work), and LinkedIn (which I find is an excellent way to meet others who have the same trade while meeting new people who I could buy raw material from).

I’ve also thought I using Instagram – though I’m not sure how it works. If anyone knows how that’d be great to learn.

So, in spite of mixed dates and having to travel all day on Thursday (literally) I’ve managed to keep up with the workload and begin a new job in a new state while meeting new people. (Thankfully I have a friend with me!) 🙂



Thank you to those who read this blog. It’s a stumbling little ramble of my journey into the Website business/design world.

Week Ten

Ok – this week was on the SEO: Landing Page Optimization and Website Optimizer.

I though my website looks great starting out! Everything was well organized and there were pictures and descriptions. This week, however I realized that it wasn’t as organized as I thought. The home page – or the landing page – was all over the place. The title of my site is whichwisket.us. Only the first thing you see on the home page was a piece of jewelry. To better optimize the landing page I changed the set up. I put in a new page for jewelry and left just the wiskets on the home page, better fitted to the ad.

I also learned that my site doesn’t have any backlinks. Apparently those are some of the best ways to get customer’s to your page. Having links from other sites to my own would be something to work on this year.

While the site is up and running, I’ve had to cut back on the store front. Because of budget issues – so the store is temporarily out of order for the time being.

This week was an eye-opener to the world of advertising and landing pages. I hope to get better at this as I go.


Also – thank you for reading this blog. It’s non profit and for a class I’m taking for Webbusiness. These are just my thoughts on the week’s lessons.

Week Nine

Well. I think this week went . . . ok.

I mean it was about Return on Income – which was confushing to start with. And optimizing ad performance.

I think I did alright – considering the codes are taking a while to look like something other than words mingled together on the bottom of the page. It’s something that will take a while to get up and running fully. I think it’s good to be able to track how many people come to my site. I’ll be able to fix my inventory accordingly if I know what the flow of traffic is. It’s also good to know what my best item to sell would be – so I can see what my return of income might be.

Starting up this website is still confusing – some of the code is still confusing and strange, but I think I’m doing better at it.

Week Eight


Another week of trying to figure out what I’m doing.

This week was Google Analytics and finding out if our adwords had quality or revelance. We had to start our Google Adword campaign too.

The pros:

– I got things set up

– I managed to adjust my official advertisement

– I got all my work in ontime

The cons:

– Visa has a wonderful fraud department – that had blocked my card until I got it fixed

– I messed up the screen shot for my advertisement

– I neglected the last discussion board because I felt like I had nothing to add

               Mainly each time I went in to type my brain would freeze and I couldn’t think of anything important or helpful to say


But – this week has finally ended and a new one is beginning. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to understand what is happening around me and have a more successful week.

Fingers Crossed!


[Also thank you to those of you who are following this blog. It’s just for a school assignment and I don’t know if it’s helping anyone else or not.]

Week Seven

Well this was an easy week!

Last week we had to work on setting up an Ads campaign on Google AdWords. I went through everything the site had to offer. This week when I went into the class I realized I’d done all the work required for work this week last week. Quite on accident, but it worked out beautifully. I managed to actually post before any of the others in class and add some decent responses to their posts as well.

The week was going fine, until tonight.

We have to start our Ad campaigns by tonight. I went in, fixed it so that I wouldn’t be billed past $25 and went in to enter my billing information. Everything was going fine. Earlier today I was going to set up a business account with my mom, but we never made it into the bank – due to long lines. (Friday is Payday!) So I was going to use my regular account. I realized that I’d soon have to replace my card because it expires in July and I’m heading out of state to work for 6 months. After that fright I finished entering my information and hit Submit. I waited then recieved this little sign. My card was being declined by either the bank or the credit card company. One of them was preventing my card from being used.

I’m stuck!

I sent a message to my Professor, informing him of the blip. I’m hoping to get it all straightened out before Monday – as having the campaign up and running is crucial to the last 6 weeks of class.

All in all I think this was a much better week.

Oh! I was also able to finally fix my laptop! Two weeks ago the screen cracked. I ordered a part from Dell, but they refunded me and didn’t ship the piece without telling me why. Last Friday I ordered a new part. I missed the first drop off Tuesday due to helping out at a food shelter. It finally came Wednesday. After me trying to get some stubborn screws out my dad and I finally did it from 9:30-10:30. I learned how to fix it – and also discovered a few missing part (not crucial really) as well as a broken piece. I’m really glad I didn’t have the Geek Squad fix it. I couldn’t afford the extra $100 it would have cost for labor – or the possibility of having to fix more problems.

So – a good end to a week!

Week Six

Another week of work.

This time around it was about finding keywords to use for ads on google. It was kind of difficult, finding worse that were different from what I’d already used or thought of. Some of them were easy to think of, others were a bit more pressing or difficult. I had to think different – more from a buyers prospecting rather than from a sellers. It’s always hit and miss which words will work and which one won’t.

Another aspect that I found difficult was how much I would have to pay each month for the use of ads. As a student with no job I was timid about what I wanted to invest in this. Personally, I’d rather send my site around place I know – advertising myself rather than using an adwords program. I don’t think using google adwords is for me right now.

I did managed to post in the forums with some decent wording. I’m still learning how to break into this talk of online business, websites and business in general.